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What Can I  Find at the Bedford Farmers Market &

When Will it be Available?


The Bedford Farmers Market is a seasonal market. This means that the fruits and vegetables offered for sale are those that are grown locally.

Sorry, but that means no pineapples, oranges, or bananas.

This chart is from the Michigan State Extension Service. Not everything on this list is grown by our vendors, so may not be available at our market. It is meant as a guide to what produce is available at what time during the market season.






Here's another way of looking at the sames information in list form rather than the chart above.

There are so many different kinds of produce that it is sometimes hard to keep track  of what is in season. Here is a list of fruits and vegetables that are in season during the market year in Michigan:

  1. Apples, July through October
  2. Arugula, May through September
  3. Asparagus, April through June
  4. Basil, July through September
  5. Beets, May through October
  6. Blackberrries, July into August
  7. Blueberries, July into August
  8. Broccoli, June through October
  9. Brussels sprouts, August through November
  10. Cabbage, June through November
  11. Cantaloupes, August and September
  12. Carrots, May through November
  13. Cauliflower, August through November
  14. Celeriac/celery root, August through October
  15. Celery, August through October
  16. Chard, May through September
  17. Cherries, June and July
  18. Cilantro, June through September
  19. Corn, mid-June through mid-August
  20. Cucumbers, July through mid-October
  21. Eggplant, July through mid-October
  22. Garlic, August through November
  23. Garlic scapes/green garlic, May and June
  24. Grapes, August and September
  25. Green beans, July through September
  26. Green Onions/Scallions, June through September
  27. Greens (various), May through November
  28. Herbs, various, May through October
  29. Kale, June through November
  30. Leeks, August through October
  31. Lettuce (various), May through October
  32. Melons, July through September
  33. Onions, August through October
  34. Parsley, May through September
  35. Peaches, July and August
  36. Pears, August through October
  37. Peas and pea pods, June through August
  38. Peppers (sweet), June through September
  39. Plums & pluots, July and August
  40. Potatoes, July through November  
  41. Radishes, May through October
  42. Raspberries, June into August
  43. Rhubarb, April through June
  44. Spinach, May through October
  45. Squash (summer), July through October
  46. Squash (winter), August through November
  47. Strawberries, June and July
  48. Tomatoes, July through October
  49. Turnips, August through November
  50. Watermelons, August through September
  51. Zucchini, July through October
  52. Zucchini Blossoms, July and August