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Musicians and Entertainers

The Bedford Farmers Market is a great place to show off your entertainment talent to prospective customers! Local bands, musicians, clowns, magicians, and family oriented entertainers really help make an enjoyable atmosphere at the market each week.

All entertainment groups will be permitted to set up a free booth at the market that week to promote their programs, sell CD’s etc. If you or your group would like to volunteer to play family friendly music or offer family friendly entertainment at an upcoming market day, please call 

(419) 346-0930 or email

We welcome music that is upbeat, family-friendly and skillfully presented.

  • Scheduled music: performers who are an appropriate fit for our markets may contact our office to arrange for a date and time to perform. 
  • "Appropriate" includes: moderate volume, family-friendly, enjoyable skill level, positive attitude.  Acoustic is preferable as we do not  have  access to electrical outlets.
  • Several guidelines to keep in mind:

                  Music is kept at a low volume so as not to interfere with market conversations and sales                                   (generally no drums, brass, etc)

                Performers may sell their CDs, T-shirts and other promotional items, but play for tips only.

                The market does not provide any equipment (a canopy cover may be available~call the office to



We greatly appreciate your effort and value what it brings to the market experience. violinistviolinist

Performing at the market is a great way for students to practice in front of audiences, to advertise professionally as a teacher or for other related services, and to sell promotional materials to support your career and aspirations (cds, t-shirts, etc.). We strongly suggest that you put out a tip jar for either yourself or perhaps a particular cause you’re raising money for.

 We ask performers to bring a small table, a table cloth, a tip jar, and some sort of signage stating who they are. All performers will be promoted on Facebook, our website, and on the market  calendar.

Personal promotion is appreciated as well. Any press releases, e-mails, Facebook invites, or newsletters you can release for your performance are welcome. The more we spread the word, the more successful we all will be!



A quiet market is not nearly as fantastic as a market with local music as a back drop; however, all musicians are asked to respect the market master’s judgment and to play to the level of volume specified that day. We never want a performance so loud that vendors are unable to communicate with patrons. Everyone is asked to come before their scheduled time to set up so that performances can begin promptly.

If for some reason a performance needs to be cancelled, the market requests 48 hour notice.