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 There are four types of vendors at the Bedford Farmers Market. They are defined as follows:


Farmer/Grower: A person who has grown, raised, or gathered a product that is sold directly to the consumer by him/herself, employee, or family member.

Farmer Direct:  A person  who sells products purchased from the farmer who grew it. We did this last year with strawberries as none of the vendors had grown them, but shoppers were looking for them.

Producer/Cottage Food: A person who creates handmade items that can be consumed, such as breads,jams/jellies, maple syrup, honey,or soap.

Artisan/Crafter: A person who creates handmade items that cannot be consumed, such as paintings, glass, jewelry, wood products, metals, wearable art, fibers, etc. All products must be original and created by the artist. No kits, imports, or resale items are permitted.


All vendors are registered and authorized to sell at the market. They must display the sign provided by the market showing their vendor type(s).



You may also see other organizations using vendor spaces at the market

Business: for profit business providing information only at the market. No sales are permitted.

Non-Profit or Community Organization: These are groups who are doing outreach regarding community issues, or non-profit organizations allowed to fund raise at the market.

Political:  If our state or federal senators or representatives are available during the season we may invite them to a morning at the market just to hear from constituents. They won't be politicking, but can provide literature regarding government programs and they will be here to listen. We'll keep you posted as they are available and scheduled.



The following were 2015 season vendors and are returning for 2016.

Once the 2016 market season begins May 14th,  I'll be adding photos and contact information for the remainder of our 2016 vendors.


Tom KosekTom Kosek

Acorn Hill Farm

Tom Kosek

Vendor: Farmer & Poducer

 Product: Fresh eggs, goat shares, goat soap, jams & jellies

Contact: 419 509 2069


Barefoot Turner

Dan Jechura

Vendor: Artisan

Product: hand turned wooden bowls

Contact: 419-469-6896


Bliss Nursery (New vendor for 2016)

Scott & Lisa Bliss

Vendor: Farmer, Grower, & Cottage Food

Products: Produce, Nursery/plants, baked goods, & cut flowers

Contact: 419-787-4669


Crazy Horse Garlic Farm

Sharon Cygnor

Vendor: Grower & Crafter

Product: Spring & fall garlic, alpaca balls

Contact: (419) 867-7826




Dee's Bees

Demetrius Anagostu

Vendor: Producer

Product: Local honey

Contact: 419-266-7145


 Jason DelmotteJason Delmotte

Delmotte Farms

Jason Delmotte

Vendor: Farmer

Product: summer produce

Contact: 734-777-4917




Karen Adamski & Ellen Bacon

Vendor: Crafter

Product: knitted/crocheted goods

Contact: or



 Mom's in the Garden

Linda Johnson

Vendor: Grower & Producer

Product: fresh cut herbs, salad greens, beans, jams

Contact: 734-847-7979




 The Polish Baker

Eugene Chudnicki

Vendor: Producer

Product: Polish coffee cake, breads, and rolls

Contact: 734-755-0726



 Rinckey Brothers Maple Syrup

Ed & Monica Rinckey

Vendor: Producer

Product: Local maple syrup and syrup products

Contact: 419-654-0732




 Tucker's Farm

Bob Potter

Vendor: Farmer

Product: Summer & fall produce

Contact: 419-367-2947






 Olde Tyme Kettle Corn

Melissa Carl

Vendor: Cottage Food

Product: kettle corn & caramel corn




 Demski Orchards

Vendor: Grower

Product: Peaches, apples, cider